Near Future Manifesto

Here is the guideline for designers who wants to start conceiving industrial production in a different way. For those who want objects to be openable, fixable, understandable, redone. This vision of design was born before us, but we tend to forget it. As my grandfather is still alive complaining about good, old times before industrialisation and complexification, I want to set up new objects to be playable. A new domestic landscape everybody would play with.

“Hackers see the objects for what they are composed of.” Tales, Great inventions, local ressources, materials transformed. But also machines made for specific purposes by ingenious and smart people.

Lets be proud of that and put back some ethic on it. Let make objects more sustainable.

I want my near future objects to be my friendly and convivial tools.

More to be published soon.

It would be composed of my theories and researches. Rules to respects and ethics.